View Full Version : database creation for representing a computer network

03-20-2006, 05:16 AM
hi ,
i am ravi sankar new member of this forum.well as a part of my research work i need to create a database for representing an organization's network.

i got a problem while designing.let me explain my idea and the problem.

initially i have designed a master table containing the list of various networks located in various place.

now each network contains some nodes i need to now create a database of these nodes.

i,e for eample if the master table contains the entries as

network_name location start ip add end ip add
---------------- ----------- ------------- ----------
n1 abc
n2 xyz

now for each network i need to create a database of the nodes.ie,

for network n1 i need to create a table

node address node type
------------- ------------- pc router

similarly i need to create a table for network n2

node address node type
-------------- ------------- switch pc

like that.

can any one give an idea as to how i can create relation ship between the master table and the child table for each network.