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Welcome to Website Databases!

Software for building databases.Database software for the development of internet databases. Create a web database in minutes with no prior knowledge of PHP or MySQL coding.

You create the database tables and fields and the software generates all the code for you. Simply upload the generated code to your server and run the generated setup file in your browser. That's it! You will have created a professional database application including data navigation, sorting, searching, advanced filtering, record addition, modification, and deletion, file uploads and other features. The possibilities on how to use a web database are endless.

PHPMagic does it all for you, automatically.

PHP MySQL Database Software
PHPMagic Plus includes all of the fantastic features offered within PHPMagic with even more control. PHPMagic Plus includes the addition of an admin area where you can create and manage your own groups, allow member sign up or add group members from within the admin area. You define your group permissions. The security system is group-based. This means that each group is assigned some permissions to some tables. Member of a group automatically inherits those permissions. Within the admin area you can run database reports using the Reports Generator accessible to you at any time within the admin area.

See the admin interface.

PHP Script Generator For the novice and the experienced we provide the free trial version of PHPMagic plus a few sample files to try it for yourself.
All versions of our database software work under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7. The generated files run on unix, linux and windows servers with php mysql installed. Most reputable web host will provide php & mysql databases in your account. If you are unsure simply email your web host and ask them.
If you already have a MySQL database we offer our free MySQL2PHPMagic script to create a PHPMagic project file from your existing mysql database. MySQL2PHPMagic is a wizard for extracting definitions of your existing MySQL databases and converting these definitions to PHPMagic project files. PHPMagic projects can be used to generate very powerful PHP applications for manipulating the data of your database.

Database Software for building web databases !

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